Thursday, August 2, 2007

Awesome Alyssa!

Ok... so I've been looking forward to Alyssa's photoshoot for quite awhile... and boy was it worth the wait! :) That girl can crank up the fun in nothing flat!

Here's a favorite composite of mine from our shoot... I love the color boldness and simplicity of this montage (not to mention Alyssa's rockin' smiles and laughter!)

Here's a shot of Alyssa making use of last year's prom dress. I think the color looks incredible on her!

I love the way you can almost hear her laughing when you see this photo... It's so.... real.

Ok... this one is just plain silly... :)

There's the prom dress again... I love the green dress against her dark hair...

Thanks Alyssa for letting me capture your spirit in front of the lens! :)


Anonymous said...

hi, i really like your pictures! I was also wondering if u knew where to get a green prom dress like this one, it is beautiful and i would love to have one like it for my prom in a couple of months : )

Khara Plicanic said...

I'm glad you like my photos! Thanks for stopping by!

I'm not sure where Alyssa bought her prom dress.... but there are tons of great places to shop for them. Any of the department stores (Dillards, Yonkers, Von Maur) or specialty shops like J'Marie's....

Happy Shopping!