Friday, October 5, 2007

Flip Side

Emir and I recently had the opportunity to spend some time together outside of our office... so naturally, we grabbed the camera and headed downtown. :)

This time, I was in front of the lens! Ha ha! It's good to keep in touch with what my clients go through on the other side! :) Plus, Emir got to have fun with my new camera... he did a great job!

Yummmmmmmm... We stopped at Scooter's for some coffee, chocolate, and a muffin.
I couldn't let Emir have ALL the fun... Here he is looking all serious (and handsome) on the phone... ha ha!

Back to the silliness....

The funniest thing was... we overheard some people who saw us as they walked by and exclaimed, "Awh..... Senior pictures!" Ha ha ha! Later that night at dinner, I ordered a margarita... and didn't even get carded. I went from 17 to 'too old to care' in a matter of hours!

Nice work love!

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