Saturday, May 24, 2008

Marie + Warren : Let's Polka!

How cute is THIS? I love it! The weather forecast for today was dismal.... but it managed to hold off, and Marie and Warren got a beautiful day.

Marie's dress has quite the legacy! Her grandmother wore it in 1952 when she got married. Marie's mother wore it when she got married in 1981 (I think I got the dates right...?). And now, Marie wore it down the aisle to Warren. Amazing! The lace, etc... is 56 years old. Incredible. (The pearl necklace/ring was a b-day gift from her dad... sweet!)

Marie's brother Joel couldn't be with us today (he's in Iraq). This little cutie is his daughter. Her mom is holding her while talking to Joel on the cell phone. We know you were there in spirit Joel!

They go together like salt 'n pepper! :)

Nothing like a live band to dance the night away to!

Tonight an unusually large amount of people asked me, "Are you a friend of the family?" My answer? "You bet cha!" :) I love to make myself at home with clients' families and celebrate right along side with them. Thanks for having me as part of your family tonight guys! Have a FANTABULISTIC time in Greece!


Anonymous said...

hey its me shanna the one holding the cell phone and the daughter! smiles! im breathless and speechless as to what amazing job you had done with Marie's pics, i cant wait to see them printed!

i just wanted to let you know what an amazing job you did!

and I WILL be calling in the future for you as my photographer!!

Khara Plicanic said...

Yay Shann! Thanks so much for the note.... I hope Joel enjoyed the pic. I thought it was extra special since he was kinda in it... even if just via the phone.

I'd love to shoot your pics anytime! Just let me know!