Wednesday, June 25, 2008

2009 Seniors: Megan

Megan was kind enough to indulge my love for shooting at laundromats. What a good sport! Ha! I'm pretty sure she thought I was nuts when I first suggested it.... but how can you deny the uber coolness of these shots!

I LOVE this!

This shot has an interesting story behind it, but I'll let her tell you. :)

In addition to red doors, laundromats, and old bikes, I also love shooting phone booths for some reason. Does anyone even use them anymore? How long do you think they'll stick around for? What does it cost now to make a payphone call anyway?

This reminds me of a photo of Christina Applegate by Michael Grecco on an old issue of Studio Photography Magazine... I think it's just because of the colors.... This shot is so fun. :)

I love your photos Megan! Fabulous job. Have a great summer!

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