Saturday, June 21, 2008

Alicia + Bret: The Wedding!

Alicia and Bret's engagement shoot was so much fun, I've been looking forward to their wedding ever since! Today was the big day... here are a few quick faves.... :)

I often take the bride and groom aside for a personal moment when they see each other for the first time.... sometimes, they have an audience.

I love the look on Bret's face here.

Alicia looked stunning...

The gorgeousness continues.... I'll just let you enjoy the view!

I love it!

They braved the tall grass and woods to snag this shot... I love the old skool look of it...

Seriously!? Could they be any cuter?

The sky was fabulous. It made such a lovely backdrop that I couldn't resist!

The ceremony was sweet and simple. Alicia's sisters sang several times throughout. (in three part harmony no less!) Not only are they gorgeous, but their voices are heaven sent!

On the way to the reception, we snagged a few more moments... the sky had become cloudy, and just as we were shooting, it started to drizzle. So romantic!

But not before we scored some fun ring shots... I love to incorporate the shoes!

Last but not least.... check out this old relic of a phone booth! "Hello!? Yes... we're married!"

Your day was perfect! Thank you so much for having me you two.... you and your families were so easy going... it was a pure joy to work with you all! :)

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