Saturday, June 7, 2008

Lindsey + Brett : Crazy Fun!

Lindsey + Brett's wedding was full of surprises and all kinds of great moments! Here are a few of my faves. :)

I *love* this shot... that's Lindsey's dad in the background.

A hug from mom...

A stolen moment with Dad....

After they first saw each other, we jumped in my car and headed to the buzzing metropolis known as downtown Hickman, NE. So charming! (I LOVE this photo!)

Her ring is so beautiful.... two slim bands connected by the stone and mounting in the middle, and the rest of the way around, the ring is open. I love that! It keeps it light and airy... but still full of sparkle. Gorgeous!

Lately I'm diggin' a lot of retro post-processing. I love the look of this...

Can you see how much fun they were? We laughed a lot. They were so comfortable in front of the camera and up for pretty much anything....

When I pulled into town, I knew I wanted to shoot at this place. Isn't it darling? The vintage sign and lantern are so fab!

More beautifulness....

When she told me their reception would be down at the state fair grounds.... I immediately suggested we shoot at the Heritage School House. Remember that place? More vintage processing fun! (What a classic!)

Then it was time for fun wedding party shots.... but not before a certain groomsman had to answer nature's call.... behind a nearby vehicle! Doh!

Here's the wedding party executing Brett's request for slow-motion running. Ha ha ha! The close-ups are where it's at! (Can you even wait?)

One of the things that's most noticeable about these two, is the total best-friend/goofiness connection that they share. This was shot the moment they made their grand entrance at the reception....

Brett's cake.... a true retro classic!

This moment of Brett & his mom laughing is so pure, isn't it?

Lindsey and Brett outdid themselves with their first dance. They started off dancing to a slow classic, then... the music changed. They did a choreographed routine to a potpourri of songs including Usher, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Michael Jackson, and even.... the song/dance from Napoleon Dynamite. The only thing more entertaining than the dance, was watching how much fun they were having with each other... fantastic!

Thank you so much for the opportunity to share your special day with you. Life, love & happiness to you both!

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