Sunday, July 20, 2008

MegaMatt + the FabTones

During the dinner toasts at last night's wedding, it was mentioned that Megan & Matt ought to be called "MegaMatt" in true Hollywood power couple fashion. While at first it may seem like this depicts Matt as a super hero, and may not necessarily be fair to Megan, it was later noted that having Megan in Matt's life does turn him into a super hero by making him the best he can be. So, the name is quite fitting after all. Well said.

Megan's dress was a reincarnate of her mother's.... so special! And... get this... her dress had POCKETS! She had the skirt custom made to fit the top of her mother's dress.... so, why not add pockets? Brilliant!

Usually, it's the grooms who give me the cam-tastic expression when they see their bride for the first time... but yesterday, Megan had a monopoly on fun facials. :)

Here she is showing off the dress pockets.... love it!

They had all the flowers for the wedding grown at a flower farm, just for them!

The bridesmaids carried a variety of blooms... here they are making an "M" for Megan & Matt.... (it's a loose interpretation... ha ha!)

Wedding party silliness.... I love this shot!

Ella... the camera-happy flower girl. Isn't she adorable?

Boys will be boys...

I was thrilled to see Kylie, one of the fab Fisher Sisters, among the wedding guests. She is college friends with Meg. So fun to see her again!

Since Megan & Matt live in San Fran, it was only natural that they would bring in these decorative paper lanterns from China Town. They really added to the atmosphere. Great choice you two!

It's great to see young, confident lads entertaining the young ladies on the dance floor. This little guy was workin' it!

Megan had told me they were having a live band... which is always exciting. I was pumped when I got there and saw my friend Jon Hischke rockin' the saxophone. If you've never heard the FabTones before, you are seriously missing out! Looking for a live band for your wedding/event? Call Jim Pipher at: (402) 484-5548.

Here's Jon with some sax grooves....

What a great voice she had.... they were all truly fantastic.

I am honored to have been asked to be part of your special day. Best wishes to you now and forever!

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