Thursday, July 31, 2008

No Scenery? No Problem!

Especially with Lauren in front of the lens! Check out how she makes this parking lot look good!

People often worry about background details... they tend to panic about whether or not the flowers are bloomed, the leaves have changed colors, etc... Here's proof that an awesome photo is possible just about anywhere because it's all about the subject (and their presence/attitude), not the background. Nice demo Lauren! ;)

I {HEART} this photo!!!!!

This ROCKS in b/w. Luv it!

Fun and funky....

Her attitude here completely makes this photo. You're fabulous Lauren!


Cathy and David said...

These are just plain gorgeous :-D

maile said...

plain gorgeous is every way. the sepia one is my favorite!

Lane said...

The background *IS* important. You are just so very good at rocking it out. Nice work!