Saturday, August 9, 2008

Edmond + Elizabeth: International Party Time!

Today I had the honor of photographing Edmond and Elizabeth's cross-cultural celebration. Guests and family came from Malaysia, Panama, Cameroon, India, Japan, Nigeria, just to name a few.... Here are a *few* of my favorite images from a fun-filled day!

Here's the lovely couple....

Even the flowers were in on the international theme! She scored a screamin' deal on the roses (shipped in from Columbia) and made the bouquets herself. (Here's the website she scored the roses from!)

As individuals and as a couple, these two are sweet as can be!

Such adoration!

On the lighter side.... These two weren't afraid to let loose and get silly. :)

Um.... yeah...... pretty much.... GORGEOUS!

More gorgeousness. Elizabeth has such a peaceful intensity about her.... I think it shows in her photos.

See what I mean?

And Edmond loves the camera.... he's quite the showman!

I adore this photo!

In Chinese tradition, it's customary that before the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom serve tea to their parents. Here, Edmond and Elizabeth serve her parents, who flew all the way in from Panama.

After an amazing ceremony where Edmond serenaded Elizabeth (and later, they sang a duet!), we moved on to the party... where guests enjoyed Chinese food, great music, and a gorgeous cake... made by Elizabeth herself! (I can confirm, it was indeed, delicious. She insisted I bring a piece home for Emir... who definitely agreed!)

Few dance floors get burned up like this one! This group had the most incredible energy and fun-loving spirit about them. They served up great tunes and a never-ending collection of dance moves.

I'm told that in Nigeria, it's customary to "shower the bride and groom" with cash. Similar to the dollar dance done here... only, you don't have to wait in line... you just toss it into a pile on the dance floor. Like it's 'raining money.'

Thank you SO much for including me in your one-of-a-kind celebration you two! You are both so blessed with amazing family and friends, and I am honored to have joined in for the day. Have a wonderful time in Miami.... I can't wait to hear all about it!


Lane said...

That is a spectacular collection of photos! Very nice!

Cathy and David Photography said...

Loving every single one of these photos. The green chairs in the beginning are what did it for me though. :)