Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Love Shoot: Allison + Matt

I can't wait to catch up with Allison... she just got back from China where she was interning at the Olympics... how awesome is THAT? Matt must've watched proudly knowing his little lady was helping to do great things over there.... so cool!

We got together a few weeks ago for a love shoot that brought us out to James Arthur Vineyards, where I had never been. I am really looking forward to taking some time to check out all the great things they have to offer with Emir sometime this fall.... what a great place. :)

"Lover's View...." How apropos!

I LOVE this!

Allison had the cutest shoes!

Gorgeous, gorgeous....

and more gorgeous!

Enjoy you two! I'm looking forward to your 4th of July wedding! Whoo hoo!

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Cathy and David Photography said...

That little lovers view sign is SO CUTE! :)