Sunday, August 31, 2008

Married! Karla + Eric

The sun shone down on Columbus, NE today for Karla & Eric. Their wedding day was a laid back celebration a lifetime in the making. Here's Karla seeing herself in the mirror for the first time as a bride.... I love her reaction!

Fluff that slip ladies! :)

Obligatory shoe awesome-ness. :)

Assistant in training.... ha ha! :)

Karla's tenderness was quite charming. Tears of joy only added to her gorgeousness.

Luvin' those earrings....

Those are some serious rings!

The church was spectacular!

See what I mean?

What a great idea! The 'signing of the marriage license' was actually part of the ceremony. Fantastic!

This was the little flower girl... stealing a moment to check in with her new little sis...

I love Grandpa's laugh!

Karla's family has a tradition of wearing goofy hats at wedding receptions. They were quite the cast of characters!

Check out the attention to detail on these kisses!

So.... this is actually the wallpaper in the bathroom.... er.... but isn't it cool!? (It kinda matches the upholstery of the chair in the 'shoe shot' above... don't you think?)

Karla & Eric's reception happened to take place at the same time as Nebraska's first game of the season. Being true Nebraskans, the TV wasn't far from the dance floor...

Guests cheered the Huskers on to a 47-24 victory over Western Michigan.

I love this shot!

Karla & Eric.... thank YOU for inviting me to be part of such an important day in your lives. It was a true treat!

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