Sunday, August 24, 2008

Married! Tracey + Neil

The wedding took place at a small country church along the side of a dirt road north of Waverly... I knew I was in for a treat when I pulled up. (Small, country churches are always so fun!)

Tracey's hair looked incredible.... a fountain of curls. Every bride's dream!

This is Lilly, the bride's 4 yr old niece. She was fascinated with everything and couldn't resist 'helping.' I love the look on her face here while she watches the girls lace Tracey up....

After everyone was dressed, we headed out to make some great photos.

When I was driving in, I couldn't help but notice the corn fields surrounding the church. How could we resist?

Tracey was such a good sport! While running through the fields we saw all kinds of critters.... a black widow spider, a fuzzy caterpillar, countless grass hoppers, and... something we thought was a snake, but turned out just to be some plant roots. She didn't flinch and her dress came through with no problems!

Here's Lilly again... she was pretty inseparable from Tracey. So cute! Here she's pouting because she wasn't allowed to play on the nearby playground.... I love it when kids show this side of themselves. It makes for photos that will speak volumes in 10-20 years when they're all grown up. Ha ha ha!

After the ceremony, the limo was late to pick up the wedding party. Tracey didn't let it get her down... instead, we took advantage of great light for more fun photo opps!

At the reception, the cake sat atop this gorgeous heirloom from the bride's grandmother. It's a tradition at all of their family weddings. I love the design of it.... and can't wait to utilize it in their album design!

Time to get the party started! The reception was at the PlaMor.... one of my favorite local venues (Emir and I had our reception there!).

Neil is in a band called Wiskey Blind. Not only did he write AND sing a song for Tracey during the ceremony... he also took to the stage at the reception where he and his band entertained guests for the evening. So fun!

The song he wrote for her was called, "Hurry Down and Kiss Me" (I think!). So catchy, I sang it the whole way home. Let me know when the album comes out Neil!

Tracey had a second pair of shoes she saved for the reception. Check out her bridal boots! If you're into western-style bridal goodies... check out the Sat'n Spurs website. Great stuff!

Thank you for including me in such a fun celebration. It was a real treat! :)

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