Friday, August 29, 2008

Senior: Aly

Aly's shoot was full of interesting people, places, and things. For starters.... check out this rockin' location!

I LOVE this shot! (I know, I know... I say that all the time... but seriously! Look at it!)

SWEET signage!!!! Aly looks like a super star!

Was it something I said?

It's not uncommon to meet tons of interesting people during a day of shooting. Random people who like to suggest locations, inquire about what we're doing, and occasionally.... get involved.

Here, a random guy (dressed as a mime?!), walked up, put his arm around Aly, and posed for this shot.

Then he just continued on his way! Interesting....

I love this impromptu background... you'll have to get the story from Aly! :)

We had so much fun that I couldn't help getting involved. Here's a shot of the two of us having a good time!

Aly, I hope you had fun... I know I did! Your images are as gorgeous as you are. Thanks for totally 'bringin' it!'

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