Sunday, September 28, 2008

Alec, Jamie, Mitch, Kara, Julia & Sarah

I *love* these shots!

Alec was a total natural in front of the camera. Getting these rockin' shots was a breeze. Thanks Alec!

Jamie is a racer gal.... so naturally.... the checkered flag. :) Good times!

Julia cracks me up....

She loves the print pattern known as "Houndstooth." I learned all kinds of things!

Kara is a musical beauty.... and a nature gal. She recently accompanied another friend to their shoot, so we got to hang out again! :)

Mitch is practically a neighbor! So fun to get to know him. What a good sport! :)

Sarah and I went on a safari for new locales..... She was a supportive voice when I dropped one of my favorite lenses! :( Ye-ouch!


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