Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Darlings

Well... that's not really their last name.... but it very well could be! Look at this truly darling family I recently had the opportunity to photograph. I'm pumped because tomorrow I'll be back at their place to photograph their new baby sister!

They have a fantastic play room to inspire the imagination of their two (now three!) kids. :)

I *love* that Turner is wearing a Super Man costume.... so classic!

We decided to head outside and run around the backyard for a bit.... I love this series of images.

Here's Turner with Mr. Darling. :) How cute!

Look at the expression on their faces.... adorable.

Turner decided he needed a wardrobe change. For some reason, I think this is one of my favorite images from our whole shoot. Something about the way he walks with such determination and purpose. I love that his cape is flying, and of course, his boots. :)

This image is iconic to me. I wish I had a photo like this of my mother and I! Fantastic!

Such a lil' cutie!

Mom's got a belly!

Let's get messy! (Thanks for being so brave!)

Lots of love just waiting for baby!

After running around outside, we headed back in. The kids got ahold of dad's iphone. Apparently there are fun little apps like this one that makes silly faces... the kids couldn't get enough of it. Hilarious!

I love this!

So timeless.

Baby love!

I can't wait to see you guys tomorrow! You are such a beautiful family, and so fun to work with!

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