Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pre-Natal Yoga: The Mega Post

Somethin' must be in the water.... there's an outbreak of gorgeous pregnant women lately... and they all seem to end up in front of my lens!

Lora and her family recently moved to Omaha from Phoenix.... and emailed me about doing some pre-natal yoga photos. You can imagine my excitement--I love stuff like this!

What a fab family photo!

I think this would make an *awesome* holiday card! (Or a HUGE canvas!)

But... I love this one too!

Which is *almost* as adorable as THIS one!

omg.... seriously!

This may be my overall fave....

This one took an enormous amount of effort... mostly from Lora and Kyle.... Look at her go! Isn't she incredible?

I hope I look *half* this good when I'm pregnant someday....

Lora specializes in teaching pre-natal yoga.... so she was really excited to get some shots like this. Isn't she graceful?

One on-looker exclaimed, "Pregnant women are just SO beautiful!" We chuckled. I'd have to say I agree.... :)

Beyond beautiful!

Lora and crew- Thank you for entrusting me with photos of such an exciting and special time in your lives! Wishing you all the best, Khara :)


Karyn Hatch said...

These are AMAZING!!!

Anonymous said...

Khara, these are beautiful! You really captured the beauty in pregnancy and the gracefulness of yoga. I love it! Great job!