Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Most Funnest Thing EVER!!!

I've been blessed in life to do quite a number of fun and exciting things.... and I have to tell you, flying on the trapeze is definitely high on that list! Next time you're in Miami, you've GOT to try trapeze class!

In only 5 swings, we learned the knee hang, backflip, AND did a CATCH! Check out the evidence below to see me in action.... :)


Deidra said...

O. M. G. !!!!!
I HAVE to do that!
You looked ma-a-a-h-velous!

Carly said...

LOL! You've just put a massive smile on my face this morning! That is SO COOL!! There was me thinking that a trapeze would be in doors, but to have it out doors, and feel the wind too, that is just SO COOL!! Fantastic job too!! =D

Sarah Lough Photography said...


That is so much fun! I have to put that on my to-do list!