Monday, October 6, 2008

Jenny, Bess, Kalyssa, Vanessa, Lauren & Lauren

Miss Jenny was a good sport and had an enormous amount of patience while I fiddled with some new ideas..... Thanks Jenny!

Bess is just one of those people you instantly like. :) Maybe because she's a fellow shutter bug, perhaps? :) Here she is looking fab!

I hope Rustic continues to recover Bess! :)

I had the honor of photographing Kalyssa's mom Karalyn for the Mrs. Nebraska pageant. This time it was Kalyssa's turn to work it in front of the lens! :) She definitely inherited her mom's good looks!

Here's.......... 'Nessa! Such a free spirit, she was up for anything!

Lauren B. treated onlookers to a violin concert while shooting. Have I mentioned lately how much I *love* my job!?

A little dramatic interpretation...... :)

Lauren C. has an electric laugh. Look at that! Fantastic!

And... she has plenty o' sass to share! Go Lauren! :)

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Cathy and David Photographers said...

You seriously just don't stop do you! :-D