Sunday, November 2, 2008

Married! Jenny + David

You know when you have one of those days where everything seems to come together just perfectly? Jenny + David's day was one of those days.

The weather was perrrrrrfect.
Her dress was gorrrrrgeous.
The flowers were incrrrredible.

While downloading shots.... there were quite a few that caught my eye. Get comfortable... here comes a mega post! :)

Jenny always wanted a wedding dress with buttons down the back. She wore it well!

The trees surrounding the church were the epitome of fall beauty.

This image is.... too gorgeous for words.

I love the tenderness in David's face here....

See what I mean about gorgeous flowers?

Jenny loved David's argyle socks... I have to say I agree!

After the ceremony, we made a couple of pitstops on the way to the reception... I love all of these....

Yum! Flare!

Too fun!

Aren't they cute?

Not to be outdone by the ladies.... ;)

I *love* the off the cuff-ness of this...

Jenny and David's first date was at Starbucks. How could we not stop by for a quick pic? :)

It was a complete HONOR to be part of your day. Your families were absolute joy to work with... thank you SO much for including me in your celebration!!!! I can't wait to hear about Hawaii! :)

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