Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sara + John

Seeing two folks find love like this.... just makes you smile. :)

Here's John helping his oldest son, Tony maneuver the trickier aspects of getting ready.

Sara's dress was beautiful, and fit her like a glove.

The 'princess' shoes!

Her theme for the flowers was.... simplicity. Stem Gallery helped bring her plan to life!

After getting FOUR boys ready, John could finally focus on himself.... :)

Their paths first crossed 10 years ago.... and they reconnected about 1.5 years ago. Today was the result!

Trying to get four young boys to cooperate for photos is.... kind of a lost cause. Shots like this are usually my faves because.... it captures their true 'boyhood' spirit.

Today a bride, everyday a mother. :) Sara packed a bag of 'entertainment' for the boys, including these four action figures. Too funny!

The reception was at Embassy Suites. Everything was gorgeous perfection!

More 'mother' moments. :) Little Ben needed some 'mom' time.

Sam polishing the dance floor...

I am honored to continue to be part of the family..... thank you for sharing your special day with me! Congratulations to you ALL!

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lynn said...

These look great. The ring shot is so fun and creative and the black and whites rock. :)