Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Square Root of Love

If you know Catherine and Arlen, you understand how their relationship squared, is pure love. :)

Here's Arlen just before he headed to the chapel to see Catherine for the first time as his bride. We started early in the morning, as their ceremony began at 12 noon.

Makin' it look easy.... :)

I love her bouquet!

Yours truly: self portrait in the funky ceiling tiles outside the sanctuary.

Old-school tradition: tin cans tied to the back bumper. They made such a sweet sound clanking down the street!

Thank you for including me in your celebration of love! Have a kick a** time in Hawaii.... :)


Cathy and David Photographers said...

THESE ARE SO CUTE! It's so fun to see weddings from you!!! :)

lynn said...

A-MAZING! Wow. Does it sound silly to say that I love the location in the first one? What a pretty hallway. I love the glam lighting in the third one, and the bouquet is so colorful and just...happy. :)