Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bowling for Love!

When I found out Jennifer and Adam are bowlers..... I tossed them the idea of shooting their love shoot pics at a bowling alley. (Insert dramatic hopeful pause with fingers crossed here....)

They were totally game! I'm sure deep down inside, they thought I was nuts.... a bowling alley is not exactly most people's idea of an ideal locale for romance..... Of course, I had a few thoughts on how to rock it out. They did a fantastic job!

Yep.... still bowling alley!

More bowling alley....

Who knew bowling alley lockers could be so..... sassy!?

So I promised we wouldn't shoot it ALL in the bowling alley. Besides, look at the rockin' outfits they showed up in... we HAD to make the most of 'em!

Couples often want me to tell them 'what to do.' The real trick, is to just forget I'm even there. (Easier said than done....) I LOVE the casualness of this one....

What's so funny? Was it something I said? :)

Adam, man of many talents, also plays guitar.

*love* this!

and this... ;)

You guys were amazing... I can't wait for your wedding in May! :)

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