Friday, December 19, 2008

Stolen Moments

Tonight, while Emir and I were getting ready to head out to Red 9 to hear my sister-in-law's uncle's band (wrap your mind around THAT!), he stole a few moments alone with his guitar.

I love to watch him play guitar (yes, I said 'watch,' not 'listen'). It's not that I don't like to listen.... it's just that I really like to watch. I like to watch his face. I like the way the light from our lamps wraps around him and the way his hair tries to fall in his face.

This time, while I was mentally recording the moment and how adorable he looked, I decided to reach for my camera and capture it properly. :)

His 'music room' doubles as my meeting space. His guitars look right at home next to canvas gallery wall wraps. :)

I love you my Sweet Thing! :) You're the cutest thing EVER!

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