Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lil' Red

My work is joyous for SO many reasons. I get to work with great people and be part of their fascinating lives, the projects that I am blessed to be part of keep me wildly entertained and always on my toes, and... I just plain love it!

This shoot was for an upcoming project (yet to be revealed!) that Jenn and crew were kind enough to lend me part of their Saturday morning for.

Here, Jenn, Piper & Kira (did I spell that right Jenn?) cook us up some d-lish morning cupcakes.

Hmmmm? What else do we need?

Time to stir it up!

While the cupcakes were baking, Piper was happy to show me her doll house (which, amazingly enough, is the same one I remember from my childhood growing up down the street from Jenn and her two sisters... we had so much fun!).

This doll house is true, homemade vintage fantastic-ness.

Are those pig-tails to die for, or what?

Baby sis is such a happy camper-- look at that grin!

Day dreaming out the window....

Cleaning the window... (Piper, wanna come over to my house? I have tons of windows to keep you entertained for hours! Ha!)

Let's frost the cupcakes!

Can't forget sprinkles!

I snagged these next 2 pics of Piper in November at my brother's wedding. The colors are so scrumptious, I couldn't resist posting these!

Jenn.... I enjoyed spending Saturday morning with you guys! Thanks for being YOU!

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lynn said...

How does anyone have hair like that? It is the most amazing thing I have ever seen! I hope she grows up to love it, she's so beautiful.