Sunday, August 3, 2008

Gettin' Hitched! Lacey + Evan

Lacey and Evan's wedding brought me up to the fabulous towns of Burwell and Sargent, Nebraska. If your idea of Nebraska consists of the flat, less-than-jaw dropping view along I-80, you are really missing out! The northwest part of the state is quite the opposite with rolling hills and valleys. The drive (all 400 miles of it!) was beautiful to say the least.

The beauty of the drive up was dwarfed, of course, by the beauty of the bride. Even her shoes were fit for a queen!

Her dress had a pink ribbon around it... adding a splash of color. Tre chic!

My love for all things retro continues.... Lacey and Evan indulged my obsession with old signs... plus, we rocked the lens flare! Nice work guys!

I love the timelessness of this one...

Time for a little color...

I think this is album cover material right here.... :)

The wedding party truly lived up to their name... 'party.' They were a blast to work with... and didn't complain ONCE about shooting outside in the insane heat. A true DREAM!

In true small town tradition, the wedding party stopped at a bar between the ceremony and the reception. But these overachievers went straight for the gold by stopping at not ONE, not TWO, but THREE different bars! Holy cow. They weren't kidding around! :)

More shots of shots... :)

This was shot about 5 seconds before I fell off the chair I was standing on and completely wiped out. Embarassing! Thanks for coming to my rescue ya'll. :)

The reception was filled with many defining moments, including the groom's unprecedented 'come back' speech dedicated to Lacey's dad, Rodger. (You had to be there... it was quite the experience!)

Thank you for sharing your family traditions with me and letting me be part of your new life together! :)

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