Friday, August 1, 2008

Three Make a Family

Anna and Eric are a truly inspiring love story. Capturing their day was a living reminder how beautiful life can be... and how love can truly conquer all.

First off... I am in LOVE with this ring shot. I think it may be an all-time fave. I'm thinking 'album cover.' Any thoughts? :)

Anna, of course, was gorgeous as ever. Not only is she a beautiful bride, but her spirit is so uplifting and inspiring. I am so happy to know her. Check out the beautiful flowers in her hair. Gorgeous!

Would you believe that she and her sister put together ALL the flowers? They ordered the flowers online and managed to keep them alive for nearly 5 days before bundling them up into these beautiful bouquets.

Eric is an all around great guy. The friendship he shares with his 'boys' is fun to see.

Of course, Anna made the programs too.... (naturally).

I'm kind of obsessed with taking shots of people taking shots. Is it just me, or is that fun to do? :)

Cameron is a sweet (and adorable!) kiddo. Together with Anna and Eric, they are now a family of three. I am so honored to have been there to watch this new family celebrate their love for one another!

The wedding was at Mount Vernon Gardens in Omaha. What a picturesque location for a wedding!

When Anna and Eric presented flowers to their parents, Eric took a moment to scoop Cameron into his arms and give him a hug. I love moments like this!

After the ceremony we headed downtown for some quick shots, when I spotted..... you guessed it... a RED phone booth! I was in heaven, and am totally diggin' the results!

Um.... see what I mean? ;)

On top of everything else, Anna sings and plays piano.... (as in.... in a band!), and Eric is a baseball man, so they found some fun cake toppers that were a perfect fit.

At the reception while waiting for the wedding party, guests were treated to a 'candy bar' including Oreos, caramel crunch corn, Reese's, and... Twixx candy bars. (Those were dangerous!) The set-up included little candy bags and scoopers... and seemed to be a huge hit with the crowd.

The toasts of the evening made everyone cry.... (behind my camera I had tears running down my cheeks!). I love how you can see how much Eric loves Anna in this photo....

Thanks so much for letting me be part of such a special and important day in your lives. I am truly honored! Love and happiness for you all! :)


Anonymous said...

What an amazing wedding and the pictures look great. You did a wonderful job of capturing what AMAZING people Anna, Eric and Cameron are!

Melissa said...

What beautiful pictures and commentary. Anna and Eric are truly wonderful people and I am so happy for them! I am glad I was there to share in their day :)