Sunday, August 17, 2008

Married! Katie + Nathan... the Mega Post!

Katie and Nathan's wedding was a blast to shoot. For starters, in addition to photographing the ladies getting ready, I got to do something I don't always have the chance to do... photograph the guys! Most of the time, when the guys show up, they're already set to go.... but not today! :)

Check out the awesome groomsmen gifts....

When everyone was ready, we blind-folded Nathan and Katie and headed to the park. They saw each other for the first time after removing the blindfolds. Too fun!

Emir showed up (perfectly on cue!) with our garage sale score... the yellow vintage tandem bike. Nathan and Katie were game for some tandem biking fun. (Special thanks to my father in law, Alija, for letting us borrow his truck to haul the bike!)

How cute is THIS? Good thing I had my long lens... these two were FAST! (and I was on foot trying to keep up! Ha ha!)

I'm in love with Katie's hair-do! I think flowers were made to go in a bride's hair.... doesn't she wear it well?

I love out door weddings!

enter: The Groomsmen!

Nathan... enjoying a cigar.

The wedding took place in Pioneers Park, and Katie and Nathan couldn't have picked a better day if they tried. 83 degrees? In AUGUST? It was gorgeous out!

Heidi Huenefeld
brought the beauty of the park to life on the harp. (Check her out if you're looking for a harpist for your wedding!)

Nine brides maids and nine groomsmen.... what a wedding party!

I love this alternative to a unity candle..... here, they are combining two different colors of sand into one decorative glass bottle. So symbolic... and great to display.

We shot these after the ceremony on our way to the limo-bus. They're some of my faves....

Your day was absolute perfection! Thank you for entrusting me with capturing it. I am truly honored! Wishing you a fantastic (and hurricane free!) time in the Dominican.... :)

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cBock said...

That has to be just about the coolest location ever!! :)