Friday, September 19, 2008

Joshin' Jester!

Nick is an all around entertaining young lad.... he plays guitar, he juggles, he plays the drums, writes songs... AND... does stand-up comedy. What a treat!

I love this shot! It was taken at roughly 10am outside in broad daylight. Awh yeah! :)

An old phonograph! How cool is THAT?!

This looks like it should be an album cover... or iconic poster. Way to rock it Nick!

How could I resist?

You were a blast to work with Nick! Play on..... :)


Lynn said...

A phonograph??!?! No way! Great job with the mic picture outside. Is that a one light set up?

Khara Plicanic said...

You bet 'cha! I love rockin' one light. I can't wait for the workshop in KC next week!