Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Love Boat: Ryan + Lesya

It started on a cruise ship from Barcelona to Athens. Ryan was on vacation with his family, and Lesya worked onboard in the ship's casino. For Ryan, it was love at first sight. After herculean efforts, Ryan convinced Lesya to spend the day with him in Athens when they docked.

When the trip was over, they kept in touch, and a few months later, Ryan flew to the Ukraine (Lesya's home country) to visit her. They've been together ever since, and officially tied the knot this weekend, in dear ol' Lincoln, NE.

The flowers were an art form in their own right. This is Lesya's bouquet.... made of 12 (??) calla lilies arranged to form an enormous single bloom. Kurtis Bomar (Stem Gallery) did an incredible job on all the flowers!

My new 100mm 2.8 macro was fun to play with today. (Yay Lynn!)

It was a touching moment when Lesya appeared at the end of the aisle..... accompanied by Ryan's parents. His mom and dad walked her down, as her family was not able to be here in person. A simple symbolic gesture, it spoke volumes of their love as a family.

I love moments like this during a ceremony. :)

After the ceremony, we headed out to create some portraits before the sun sank behind the horizon. The evening could not have been more gorgeous!

Is it just me, or is Lesya insanely beautiful? :)

These two were quick to get silly.....

Attention future brides! Their wedding reception was held on the balcony of Lincoln's own Lied Center. I never even knew that was an option! Apparently, it is not only a gorgeous option... but also a surprisingly affordable one. Definitely worth checking out! (You can see a few wedding guests on the outdoor balcony enjoying the city skyline.)

From what I'm told, it can accompany 200 people! Who would've guessed?

I love the Lied Center doors...

More gorgeous floral centerpieces from Stem Gallery.

The cakes were sinfully delicious..... courtesy of Donna Roehrs, the Lincoln Cake Lady.

See what I mean? This was the top of the groom's cake. Is your mouth watering yet? :)

A dance floor, in the Lied's balcony!? Simply beautiful.

A little love moment on the outside balcony..... :)

Ryan & Lesya.... I am so honored to have been part of your international love story and the beginning of your new adventure together! Best wishes for a happy forever!

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Lynn said...

Whoooo! Thanks for the shoutout! Isn't that sliver of DOF on the 100 2.8 crazy? You nailed it dead-on in that picture, it looks awesome.

It's fun seeing your wedding work after so many senior sessions. The bouquet shots are gorgeous - the bouquet itself looks like it took hours to assemble.

You did a fantastic job!