Sunday, December 14, 2008

Courtney & Kyle: Just

Maybe it's because she's from my old neighborhood.

Maybe it's because she reminds me so much of my dear friend Tamara.

Maybe it's because her parents and their friends, are the parents of the kids I grew up with.

Whatever it is.... it just felt right. Being part of Courtney & Kyle's families for a day was pure delight. We had a BLAST, scored some InSaNeLy awesome images and helped capture memories to last a lifetime! Here are some of my faves...

Bridesmaid broaches. GLAM-or-OUS!

Heirloom family jewelry.

Puh-lezzzz.... we cannot forget the shoes!

Yep. I pretty much love this image.

This one too!

Mac is Courtney's dad. What a guy! Here he is soaking in the moment watching Courtney and her sister. (I *love* shots like this!)

Enter: Kyle
He and I had some photo moments before the girls arrived in their (surprise!) limo.

Cue the bride!

I was almost embarassed of the silliness I was exuding during the portrait session with Kyle & Courtney. I mean, I was over the top ridiculous. But.... my antics worked! Look at the two of them!

OMG! Another fave. :)

My rule for shooting train tracks is.... DifFeReNt is good!

Yep folks.... this GORGEOUS shot was captured by my husband/apprentice extraordinaire.... (drum roll please)... Emir! He is ROCKIN' his gear in the best of ways. I'm so excited about his enthusiasm. This looks like a still frame from a classic romance movie... doesn't it?

After we wrapped up all the required formals, etc... we had a few minutes left over... so I suggested a few more ideas. I was beside myself with the outcome. These two were SO trusting and patient and willing to do anything! That, my friends, is the secret to amazing photos. Seriously.


Capturing your day was pure joy you two! Thank you SO much for the opportunity to work with you and be part of your families and in the celebration. May the adventure ahead be filled with love, joy, and happiness!

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