Sunday, December 14, 2008

Shoot Shack Attack! Kyle & Courtney's Wedding

The Shoot Shack was in full swing. Here, Kyle & Courtney highlight their wedding date... Lucky December 13th. And it shows! The weather was UNBELIEVABLE for Nebraska in the middle of December! Roll on you two!

Courtney's sisters thought she needed a Cinderella photo moment to honor the style of her shoes. I couldn't agree more!

These two characters are actually my uncle Tom and his wife Patti. Aren't they a hoot? (Great to see you guys! We love you so much!!!!)

I *begged* this woman to let me photograph her. I was enamored with her spunky hair all night.... thanks for coming over to play with us! :)

The cake tonight was from Donna the Lincoln Cake Lady. All I can say is.... D-LISH!

Ya'll were on FIRE tonight! Sorry I couldn't post them all.... there are SOOO many rockin' shots. I'm sure Kyle & Courtney will let you know when the rest are posted in their gallery. Stay tuned!

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Cathy and David Photographers said...

NICE! :-D Looks like a blast! :)