Sunday, December 28, 2008

Me and Modge Podge.... Learn to Make Nice

I have a confession. Me, paper, scissors and glue have never been friends. We just don't mix well. It's pretty much been a conflict that has plagued me since my pre-school days (my projects tend to look the same now as they did then!).

I'm not sure what made me think that this would turn out any differently.... but.... I had high hopes. My sister's baby shower was yesterday, and having just wrapped up a shoot with her, I ditched my previous idea for a gift, and raced ahead with this one.

I was going for the 'home-made' look, and I think I pretty much nailed it. In fact, I think I over-achieved. Note to self: Next time, axe the modge podge on the top, and maybe go with rubber cement instead. :)


Rebecca said...

Ok girl -- you need to post what all those materials are, and what it is all made of!!

lynn said...

I saw these on facebook, but I'm just reading your post now about the modge podge. Have you heard of xyron machines? You can get them at craft would LOVE it. It's basically this little laminator thing you put different cartridges in. You can make magnets, stickers, etc. They are awesome for collage stuff, because you just put your shapes through the machine, and they come out with acid-free adhesive on them with a cellophane backing. You just peel and stick and there's no mess. And there's no lumpy bits where too much glue was used, or glue leaked out under the paper.

I have to admit, I find using modge podge kind of satisfying, but the xyron stuff is so fast and easy.