Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Shoot Shack: Kelly + Greg

Combine the Shoot Shack™ with a wedding AND a New Year's celebration and what do you get? AWESOMENESS.

Yours truly, sporting some festive attire....

Not as bad as it looks! This brave soul lost his finger in a snowblowing mishap. I love the sense of humor he has about it. Plus, he's adorable! :)

This young chap's lovely wife is pregnant. Here, he poses sympathetically. :)

This is the über fab Jackie (of Nelnet and Emmy & Ivy legend) with her partner in crime, Monte.

I had the honor of seeing tons-o-great folks at Kelly & Greg's wedding. Including, Kris & Melissa! I photographed their wedding in the fall of 2006 (before I started my blog, can you believe it?), and later, their bundle of joy.... lil' Caden. Great to see you guys again!

The Shoot Shack™ got some schmancy new signage yesterday courtesy of Tom Meyers. Tom, you're a rock star!

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