Sunday, December 7, 2008

Rockin' It.... West Point Style

Heidi & JJ tied the knot today... and Emir and I were on hand to capture the festivities. It was boat loads of fun for several reasons.

1) Both Heidi & JJ... and their families ROCK. Seriously. So much fun!

2) They had all kinds of cool details including purple shoes, JJ's Great Grandmother's pearl necklace, a shawl with a schmancy broach, AND.... a feathered/netted hair piece! OMG. D-lish!

3) I feel like I've become part of the Knobbe family... as I've shot several weddings in West Point. (Seriously.... what do you want me to bring to the Christmas party guys?) It's sort of become my 'home-away-from-home.' It all started last year with Sara & Jason's wedding. Then it was Chris & Kristin's wedding. Now Heidi & JJ. The fun never ends! :)

Here are Heidi's purple pumps sporting some blue bling on the bottom that says, "I Do." You know, in case she forgets the words.... ;)

Her ring is GORGEOUS! They added 2 wedding bands (one on each side), and it really looks spectacular! (Serious kudos to Emir... this is his shot! Woot!)

Here's JJ kickin' it while waiting for Heidi to come down and shower him with her bridal beauty. :) Another rockin' shot from Emir's bag-o-tricks.

Downtown West Point has a ginormous Christmas tree in the middle of Main Street. It was at the top of Heidi's "must-have" list.... so.... we braved the FREEZING weather (seriously, it was only 28 degrees out!) and ferocious winds to capture the tree in all it's glory. Check out how JJ and Heidi make it look easy! (I think they were dreaming of St. Lucia to stay warm!)

Look at that veil!

After the ceremony, Heidi convinced the whole wedding party that outdoor pictures were where it's at (Go Heidi!!!), so we headed out for a few more. I love the bare starkness of this tree.... you can feel the crispness of the air in this shot. :)

A pure boy moment. :)

Every detail was absolutely amazing. Heidi did a phenomenal job coordinating and planning her day. I hope you treasure it forever Heidi!

Her hair stylist partied with us tonight... I asked her what you call that fancy up-do (you know... incase I feel inclined to get all dolled up again and renew vows with Emir!). She said just ask for the 'romantic' look. :) When she sends me her contact info, I'll be sure to share!

My favorite part of Heidi's ensemble (besides the dress itself.... gorgeous!), was the shawl, broach, and hair piece. She had the trifecta in full effect.

Their get-away-mobile of choice was this retro-fitted school bus. Way cool!

You two.... what can I even say? You are such great people and it has been an honor to get to know and work with both of you (and your families!) Big hugs to you both! Can't wait to hear all about St. Lucia!

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lynn said...

I wish your blog had bigger pictures because these are HOT and I want to see them in their full glory! :)

The colors in that shoe shot are killing me!